Why Anna Hazare should not win this battle

A most comical anti-corruption opera is being staged all over the country under the leadership of Anna Hazare, who in his moral tyranny is actually beginning to look like Mahatma Gandhi. This itself is a bit of laugh: when a man wants to be someone else eventually transmigration of the soul and nose happens. It only remains for Anna to hold the Dandi March.

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Dravid shows his greatness……….

Fifteen years ago he fell five runs short, but in 2011, with his team in big trouble, Rahul Dravid got his name on the Lord’s honours board.

Outside the St John’s Wood tube station this morning, touts were generously offering the day’s ticket for 500 pounds, at roughly ten times the printed price, which was still 400 pounds less than what Michael Holding had heard they were selling at. Black marketeers always do brisk business around the Lord’s Test, and tickets for all of India’s Tests have been sold out, but the reason for today’s mark-up was obvious: Sachin Tendulkar, chasing his hundredth hundred, was due to bat.

The crowds had to settle for only a cameo from the great man, but those who appreciate the true worth of Test cricket were treated to a batting masterclass from a man who has batted more than anyone else in Test cricket. Fifteen years after his debut at this ground, Rahul Dravid finally managed to erase the regret of falling short of a hundred by five runs, and became the first current Indian top-order batsman to have his name engraved on the “most talked-about honour board in world cricket.”
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Rahul Dravid: 15 years and counting!

That’s right, Rahul Dravid completed 15 years in Test cricket on June 20, 2011. The Wall, as he’s known, made his Test debut against England at Lord’s on the very same day 15 years back. Today’s Test against the Windies will be his 151st after having scored over 12000 runs at an average of over 52.

And as he achieved this milestone, we take a quick look at 15 interesting facts and stats:

1. Before taking up cricket, Rahul Dravid played hockey for four years for his school St Joseph Boys High School. First as a centre half, and later in the role of a right half. His school was a champion side and the students took this game very seriously. During his stint with hockey, he played alongside Sandeep Somesh and Anil Aldrin who later represented India in Olympics.
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The Story of Linux: Commemorating 20 Years of the Linux Operating System

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Linux with us. Watch the Story of Linux to remember – or learn for the first time – how Linux disrupted a market and has begun to change the world. Do you see yourself in its story?
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20 New User Misconceptions about Linux

1) Linux will behave like Windows.

The misconception that one OS acts just like another makes me crazy. It’s like me going from a Toyota Prius to a sixteen wheeler “big rig” and expecting it to handle exactly the same.

The fact of the matter is that the Linux desktop has no singular way of presenting itself. That’s the power behind Linux on the desktop. It can be customized for different needs and distributions, while relying on a variety of desktop and software packages to make it work a certain way.

Windows, on the other hand, has a “here it is” approach that works well enough for its intended audience.

2) Windows software looks better than Linux software. So you think that Windows software has the marketplace cornered on what’s pretty? Take a look at some of the horrid looking applications running under the shareware/freeware license sometime.

And while you’re at it, be prepared to be turned off cold with some very unattractive software. The fact of the matter is that all platforms have software that can look great as well as some that are horribly ugly.

Best to leave the complaint of “software sex appeal” to the individual application itself, rather than blaming the entire platform. Looking for pretty software? Try the KDE desktop. By its very nature, KDE applications tend to be more visually exciting than their GNOME counterparts. As to the functionality of each application, that really comes down to user preference.

3) You have to be a geek to operate Linux.
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Are you well-versed in comment etiquette?

Which comment would you rather receive?

“Great post! Check out my blog at someblog.wordpress.com.”


“Well said! I know exactly what you mean about X, and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks so. I would even say that A, B, C! Your candor is greatly appreciated.”

The second one, of course. Why? For one thing, it follows the etiquette guidelines below. But even more importantly, it was written with the intent to forge a relationship, not to self promote.
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Will You Miss The Browser Address Bar If Google Kills It?

Say goodbye to your address bar… maybe. Google is mulling over replacing the address bar found in its Chrome Web browser with something less intrusive (if that’s the word to use). In one scenario, the address bar would only become visible when, say, the mouse pointer is hovered over a certain area of the screen. At all other times the address bar would vanish from the interface.

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